Mahavir Jayanti 2022: Wishes, Quotes And Messages

Are you searching for some warm Mahavir Jayanti wishes, messages, and quotes to send to your loved ones?

Accordng to Wikipedia, Mahavir Jayanti is one of the most important religious festivals in Jainism. It celebrates the birth of Mahavir, the twenty-fourth and last Tirthankara of present Avasarpiṇī.

On the Gregorian calendar, the holiday occurs either in March or April. In 2022, Mahavir Jayanti is on 14th April. So, people will celebrate the festival on the same day with joy and happiness.

You can share these Mahavir Jayanti wishes with your relatives, friends, or close ones. Also, you can update these wishes and quotes on your social media handles to wish a large number of people at once.

Mahavir Jayanti Wishes 2022

1. My prayer to Lord Mahavir on this auspicious day of Mahavir Jayanti is that he grant you a life of non-violence, compassion, and kindness. Happy Mahavir Jayanti!

2. Living a simple life is a key to happiness, for simple words can express the greatest thoughts. On this auspicious day, wishing you and your family the best of everything.

3. Mahavir Jayanti is an auspicious day to celebrate, spread happiness, and pledge your commitment to maintaining peace, harmony, and equality. Have a good time and make others happy.

4. We hope that this festive season will be filled with the morals of Lord Mahavira and his teachings. May his morals motivate us to walk the path of truth and honesty. Wishing you a happy Mahavir Jayanti

5. You deserve more than you desire and I always pray to Lord Mahavir that he will bless you with what you deserve. Happy Mahavir Jayanti!

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6. On this auspicious day of Mahavir Jayanti, throughout the world, I pray for your Luck, my prayers are for you, and I wish you every success in the future.

7. You don’t have an enemy outside of yourself. The real enemies are anger, pride, curvedness, greed, attachments, and hatred. May the wisdom of Lord Mahavir help you to fight all your internal enemies.

8. Your life may be blessed with knowledge through Lord Vardhmaan Mahavir. Happy Mahavir Jayanti!

9. My best wishes to you and your family for Mahavir Jayanti. May you and your family be blessed with positivity, brightness, happiness, and the virtue of goodness.

10. Happy Mahavir Jayanti to you and your family. I wish that you and your family be blessed with happiness and peace. May you get the strength to follow the right path of kindness and goodness.

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11. We wish you a happy Mahavir Jayanti, may your dreams come true, and may your life be filled with happiness.

12. May the teachings of Lord Mahavir inspire you to live a life of truth and peace and to do good in the world. Happy Mahavir Jayanti!

Mahavir Jayanti Quotes

“If you want to cultivate a habit, do it without any reservation, till it is firmly established. Until it is so confirmed, until it becomes a part of your character, let there be no exception, no relaxation of effort.”  —Lord Mahavira

“One who neglects or disregards the existence of earth, air, fire, water, and vegetation disregards his own existence which is entwined with them.” —Lord Mahavira

“Don’t accumulate if you do not need. The excess of wealth in your hands is for the society, and you are the trustee for the same.” —Lord Mahavira

“In happiness and suffering, in joy and grief, we should regard all creatures as we regard our own self.” — Lord Mahavira

“Do not injure, abuse, oppress, enslave, insult, torment, torture, or kill any creature or living being.” — Lord Mahavira

So, these were some wishes for the occasion of Mahavir Jayanti that you can send to your friends, relatives, and close ones. We would love to hear their reaction and you can share them in the comment section below.

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